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Thanks for stopping by our site. Leonardo Contreras welcomes you here. In general, we don’t know if we are right or wrong and by mistake, we commit sins unknowingly. It’s the human nature and that’s why we seek the guidance from preachers what should we do after committing the sins. But God loves us a lot and He forgives us as His heart is full of love and affection. Motivational guides:

Leonardo Contreras have some great things to tell and make you understand how God gave us everything. God gives us immense love, and God forgives us because he is a divine part that is included in us. Also, the god is in immense love with all the humans that he has left nothing and devoted everything for you and the fallen race. Also, the only son of his was being sent away from himself to be safe.

Through this website, Leonardo Contreras is trying to portray the humble relationship between God and Humans. How God just ignore our mistakes and guides us through the path of success and happiness in our lives. We consistently post such articles on our blog section where our readers can read and understand the various aspects of life and God. 

We also consult with the preachers, teachers and religious people before updating anything here on our blog. Leonardo Contreras himself is a quite religious person and has a keen interest in exploring different aspects of spirituality. He shares his own experiences on here as well.  

And yes, if you have any confusion or suggestions for us then don’t hesitate in approaching us. You can directly mail us at admin@afcministry.com or go through the contact form. Additionally, please let us know your thoughts on our work through the comments as well.