Does God Forgive Sexual Sin?

For many, having sex and “making love” is the same, but let’s clarify, it’s not like that. Making love is more than a sexual act, it is not only giving the body to the passion, and it is also giving the soul, heart, and life itself if necessary. Well, at least the Catholic Church perceives and teaches it. And it is the model that a Christian society should follow.

But is having sex a sin? According to some researchers and holy preachers, they have explained that the church does not look bad sexual relations, but if they are within marriage blessed by God. But don’t be afraid this can be totally a permitted activity if the relation is pure.

Reality of having sex is not a bad thing:

“Sexual relations are not bad, because this is the ordinary way that God established for the procreation of humans.” Yes, there are certain regulations regarding morality. 

The first thing that must be taken into account is that passion must be educated for married life. Considering when is it lawful and when it is not the sexual act? But as your relationship is pure and is full of love, care and faith, this cannot be considered as a sin. The end of the sexual act in the eyes of the church is to procreate children and very apart from that there is a pleasure, for which many fall into temptation.

Some of them have also emphasized, that within the framework of the sexuality of marriage there are certain norms of regulation allowed by the church to avoid pregnancies and the only accepted method is that of the regulation of the female rule, the rhythm method. Therefore, the sexual act is not a sin when performed with true love and devotion. 

In such a way that the sexual act in itself is not a sin, and in case you really need to talk, do but without having any perjury why not use phone chat lines to relief your desire. , but it is the same human being who commits abuses or misuses of the sexual capacity with which we are born when we do not use them under the designs of God’s plan.

Guidance given by the people of modern times:

In the case of young people, who are experiencing new feelings and bodily and even sexual needs, t is estimated that the maximum protector and educator in this subject is the family, father and mother are the main responsible for showing the children the indicated coordinates of sexuality. 

But it is also a subject which is firstly over self and then caring about others. You have to decide if you are going to take it positively or negatively.

When there are a few experienced in the house, then you can find outside those who do give you the correct coordinates, and also a learning induced to pleasure. This gives a sign that is what we are living in these times totally uncontrolled, as our love desires reach an extreme point for our partners. It is also said the children should be taught, when they enter the age of adolescence, explain without taboos and facts about what is sex, what is the sexual act and also.


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