God Forgive us Because he Loves us

God bestows us with the eternal divinity as He loves us and that’s why He always forgives us for the sins we have done in the past and doing in the present. I know that sexual desires can’t be ignored and while trying to satisfy our desires we get seduced and do commit sins. We are humans and that’s the normal human nature. 

But at the same time, we should try to avoid the sins as there are some other ways to get over it – I mean satisfying our desires without committing a sin. There is always an optional side available. “Verbal Sex” could be a good option for avoiding sins, like if you are looking to persuade your intimate cravings then you can either go with phone sex or you can enjoy sexual verbal chats sessions if you are meeting your loved one physically.   

Also, such a beautiful phrase is known as an assurance that makes us reflect on the graceful love offered by God along with the power of forgiving. The stress caused by this really very painful. You can feel that your peace and tranquility has been a steal and also there is no transparency in the relationship with God just like before as we are in a constant run. 

Leonardo Contreras explains that we have a hard time forgiving ourselves, the fact of having failed and the internal struggle that exists within us, that accuses us, that constantly reminds us of those memories of what we did wrong. When God offers us his forgiveness, he has told us in his word repeatedly that if we confess all our faults, He Himself will throw them to the bottom of the sea, that if our sins are red like crimson, they will come to be like white wool.

But it is fear, the cause of so much anguish in our hearts, the cause of even physical and mental illnesses. That it will create a mess, but not to worry just go through the speakers who will guide the way for you and make you understand about how all human makes mistakes and God forgives them all.


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